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Petition of Thomas Bullitt, 1770 Oct. 31.

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The Memorial of Thos. Bullitt, Humbly represents that at the Close of the war your Memorialist, did engage to act for several of the officers (not present) Claimers in the Two hundred thousand acres of land, and being desirous of complying with his ingagement, with due deference to the superior wisdom of the board, would propose, that as the distinction of ranks will probably be made in Quantity, the further preference of [choice?], may not likewise be given, as it will enable a few principle officers, by annexing purchased Claims to their own, to Lay of and possess themselves of the most Fertile parts of these Lands without Giving their Fellow soldiers, the Equitable chance of Balloting for Choice, where it is not agreed on, Your Memorialist always submitting his opin- ion to the Superior wisdom of the Board would further observe the undeterminate, allotment of these Lands by the proclamation, as the Express words of it Imploys they are Given as a reward, to the officers and soldiers according to their Respective Merits, this seems to be a necessary Consideration of Your Honours, before any Devision can be made; and as some cadits [cadets?] served, on the camp- eign 1754 who had not their Commissions made out for them, Till after the action of The Meadows, tho Vacancys Happened to which they succeeded before, (which is the case with your Memorialist) hope they will be considered, otherwise they will be Excluded the Bounty Intended by the proclamation, Your Memorialist as in duty Bound will pray