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Fitzhugh family papers: Confederate flag song and transcript

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Letters to & from Pa while in prison Recd 18 May/62 Answd ' 21" Looked over Dec. 1925 Dr. Philip A. Fitzhugh

                                     Care of Col Morris
                                     Fort McHenry Md 

Confederate Flag Song

On the banks of the Potomac an army so grand whose object is to subjugate Dixis's fair land They say we've split this great nation into And have altered the colors of "red, White, and Blue. Our banner is simple and by it we'll stand It floats from the Potomac to the Great Rio Grande It was o'er a people who are gallant and true They'll all die defending the "Red, White, and Blue"

They'll never subdue us as you will see While we've _____ Bragg, Brauregard Johnson & Lee Magruder McCulloch and others are true. The sweetest the happiest place upon earth Is Dixie sweet Dixie the land of my birth I love and adore her and to her prove true We'll stand by the colors of "red, White, and Blue.

We had a nice little fight on the 10 last June Magruder at Bethel whipped that ------- They began in the morning and fought until two Where glory waved over them the red white and blue. Chorus + c 4th On the twentyfirst of last July The Yankees to Richmond a trip they would try They did not get far, before back they all flew Under their old Union banner of red white and blue. Chorus + C 5th On the plains of Manassas the Yankees we met The whipping we gave them they'll never forget When started to Richmond how little they knew How Rebes would fight under the redwhite and blue.

Chorus, Huzzah! Huzzah & c 6th If you want to see greedy (?) and Yankeedom rare Just mention the Mason & Slidell affair Yes when they got them they made a great ado But now they curse England and the red white & blue

Chorus & c

Huzzah! Huzzah we are a nation that true we'll stand by our colors of red white & blue