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Ponsonby, Charley: Naturalization Record, Petersburg City

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425 U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Naturalization Washington In replying please refer to this file number 3576-c-1067018 November 18, 1924. Clerk, Corporation Court, Petersburg, Va.

Dear Sir: The person named below has applied for a new naturalization certificate in lieu of the original issued by your court, which is alleged to be lost.

Charley Ponsonby, 1319 Walnut St., Mckeesport, Pa.

Accordingly, there is inclosed herewith a new certificate which corresponds with the duplicate of the old certificate on file here. The applicant has been advised to ascertain the amount of your fee, and to remit it to you. When received, please sign the inclosed new certificate enter therein the actual date of execution, and affix the seal of your court. (Defer executing this new certificate until your fee has been paid.)

As an accommodation to the applicant, and to obviate correspondence, it might be well for you to drop him a line stating the amount of your fee. No part of said fee need be remitted to this office; the amount thereof is a matter for determination under the laws of your State or rules of court.

If the applicant resides in your vicinity he should call at your office to sign and receive certificate, after identifying himself as the person entitled thereto. If he resides at a remote distance, certificate should be forwarded to officer named below for signature and delivery. District Director of Naturalization, Federal Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Very truly yours, Raymond F. Crist Commissioner of Naturalization [DWD?]