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Gouvas, Vasilios Geoge: Naturalization Record, Petersburg City

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Form 2225 Affidavit for issuing new naturalization paper in lieu of one lost or destroyed Department of Commerce and Labor Naturalization Service Note-To be used only for papers issued on and after September 27, 1906. After having been properly signed, sealed and attested, this paper is to be forwarded to the clerk of the court out of which the naturalization paper was issued. State of Pennsylvania, County of Northampton } ss: Vasilios George Gouvas, being first duly sworn, deposes and on his oath says: That I now reside at 28 E. 3rd St; So. Bethlehem; Northampton; Pennsylvania; that on the [blank] day of June or July, anno Domini, 1911 the clerk of court at Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Virginia, issued to me declaration of intention No. [blank]; that the said naturalization paper remained in my possession until or about January 1st, 1916. That on or about that date I sent my first papers to W. P. Wilson Esq. , of Petersburg, VA, Attorney at Law and he lost them; at least he has not returned them to me in answer to repeated letters requesting him to do so. (In case of a lost declaration state why it is needed at the present time.) That I truly believe the paper above mentioned to be beyond recovery. Vasilios George Gouvas (Signature of applicant) Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of August, anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen. Helen M. Gould (Signature of attestor) [Stamp] Notary Public, Easton, PA. Commission expires at end of next session of senate Chief, Division of Naturalization, Washington, D.C. Sir: This is to certify that I have examined the records of this court and find the facts stated in the foregoing affidavit, so far as they relate to the record, to be * true; (*If not true, strike out the word "true" and show the facts according to the records of the court.) furthermore, (Here state whether in your opinion the paper should be issued.) Clerk of the [blank] Court for [blank] 11-4185 [stamp embossed] Helen M.Gould Notary Public Easton, PA