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Eliza: Freedom Suit, Petersburg City (Part 2 of 2)

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Town of Petersburg To Wit Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancey for the Town of Petersburg James sometimes called James Major, a pauper, complains of Edward T. Floyd in custody &c for that the said Edward Floyd on the "[blank]" day of "[blank]" in the year of our Lord "[blank]" at the Town of Petersburg with force and arms to wit with swords, staves, and knives, on him the said James, did make an assault and him the said James did then and there beat, wound, ill treat and imprison, and him the said James there in prison without any reasonable cause and contrary to law, a long time, to wit did detain & other outrages on him then and there committed against the peace of the Commonwealth and to the damage of the said James of Fifteen Hundred dollars and therefore he brings suit etc.

Wallace & Birchett} pq