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Alfred: Freedom Suit, Prince Edward County (Part 3 of 7)

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4 principal one thousand dollars shall be equally divided among all my sons and their heirs forever, it is to be observed, I mean by the money legacies that I have given to my sons Edward and David, and Thomas and Nathan, and that James's children are to come in for a part of the one thousand dollars instead of himself Item It is my Will and desire that this plantation &c shall be occupied with the negroes & stock &c on it for raising money to support my beloved wife Mary Anderson and for advantage of my children after her death equally to be divided, and I leave in trust this business to my three sons Jordan and Thomas and Nathan to see my desires fulfilled, especially see their mother duly taken care of, so that she shall want for nothing that this world affords that can be got for comfort and support, and as she is incapable of judging or determining for herself, may the Lord give you to remember her exertions for your temporal interest, and give you the tenderest feelings for body & soul: and keep a just amount of the cost and expense she may be, also the profits of the estate and I desire you shall receive a just and reasonable compensation for your troubles out of the profits. It is my will and desire that all my negroes that shall be twenty one years old now living with me and my sons Jordan, Thomas and Nathan shall be free on the first day of January after mine and my wife's death, and they shall be well clothed, both males and females, and shall have their working tools, and bread corn for one year and liberty to settle on 33 acres of land where my son Thomas shall choose for them, and earnestly request that no advantage may be taken of them or suffered any to be taken of them that can conveniently be prevented but let them have wood land as