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Aaron: Freedom Suit, Prince Edward County (Part 1 of 2)

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The deposition of William H. Cary taken before us magistrates for the County of Prince Edward in a suit Aaron agt. John Baker Andrew Baker & Catherine Baker Exrs of Andrew Baker decd The said William H. Carey being of full age & first sworn, saith, that the Plt. came to him, this Deponant, to hire him; & told him he was his own man, & after this Deponant & the Plt. had bargained, he brought to this Deponant a bond written by Wm. Andrew Baker (now Dead) to be Executed by the this Deponant and that he might keep the bond if he chose, after he had Executed the bond he Delivered the bond to Mr. Andrew Baker the former Master of the Plt. and asked him something respecting the Character of the Plt. After which Mr. Baker told him this Deponant he had had his services for a Term of years not now recollected by this Deponant. this Deponant then told Mr. Baker he did not think he could free the Plt. in this way, he said he had thought so untill Mr. Baker told him he might, if he was under forty five years of age. if not, then he must give bond & security in case he should become chargeable to the Parish and he, Baker, said that the Plt had mentioned he was doubtful the said Baker would not comply with what he said he would in freeing him, the said Baker then observed he had freed him, & that the bond was taken to prevent the Plt. from being wronged out of his labour, & that the same was for the benefit of the Plt & not for himself & the Deponant further saith that the sd. Baker informed him this said Aaron was not forty five years old