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Aaron: Freedom Suit, Prince Edward County (Part 1 of 2)

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deliver it to him. Thus the said bond remained in the hands of the said Andrew Baker, who dying a few months after, the bond was found among his papers and taken by the other Executors, who offered the Resp her proposition of the said bond, as one of the bonds due the Estate. But the respt. knowing the circumstances of the case, and believing that it did in justice belong to Aaron, informed the other executors of the circumstances & refused to have any part of it. And the Respt. further begs leave to state that it was the wish and intention of the sd Andrew Baker, that not only Aaron, but all the rest of his slaves should be freed, And when the said Andrew Baker was about to make his will he proposed to liberate some of them immediately & to leave others to this Respt. during life & to go free at this Respts death. The Respt. objected to this, & remarked that if their freedom depended on the death of the Respt, it might be the source of some uneasiness. The sd Andrew Baker Senr then concluded to make his will as it now stands provided this Respt. would promise him that she would take proper steps to free the said slaves at or before her death. This the Respt. did promise to do & intends faithfully to perform.

The Respt. admits that the said Aaron was sold by the other Executors of Andrew Baker & that she became the purchaser for the sum of £ [blank] That the principal view which the respt. had in making the purchase was that the said Aaron might not be deprived of an opportunity of obtaining his freedom if he was entitled to it should the said Aaron not be adjudged to be a free man, but subject to be sold, the respt. is advised that she will be entitled to a part of the money arising from the sale. But the respt. knowing it to be the intention of her late husband that Aaron should be free, is desirous as far as she is interested as a legatee that the said Aaron should be liberated. Having fully answered the bill she prays to be dismissed C. Baker EB P. DH. Sworn to before me this 21st September 1807 [illegible]