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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 16 of 20)

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who was the master of both Flora & her husband Ex Question by same Did you or not ever see Flora often she left Mr Hare’s 4 Answer no Question by same What became of Ex or Exeter 5 Answer he died at Mr Hares as I understand whilst in Massachusetts Question by same Please state your present age 6 Answer I was seventy eight years of age last June Question by same How Long since you Left the State of Massachusetts & came to Virginia to reside 7 Answer it is a year Last April since I left Massachusetts Question by same Were you born and raised in Southwick Mass 8 Answer I was born in Suffield Connecticut and my father removed to Southwick about six miles from the place at which I was born & I resided there untile I was married Question by same How far did Mr Hare reside from you 9 Answer about three miles Question by same Can you state whether or not Flora or Ex were either of them free persons of color 10 Answer They were free we allways supposed them to be free because their master gave them their time that was what was said Question by same What was the general understanding in the neighborhood 11 Answer the general understanding was that they were free Question by same were they persons of Colour 12 Answer they were Question by same Describe Flora’s Color & appearance 13 Answer she was a black woman & a Large fleshy person when I knew her Question by same Can you state whether or not Mr Hare paid Flora anything for her Labour or work 14 Answer I cannot I know nothing about that Question by same In the third answer you say that she (Flora) was Living with a Mister Hare who was the master of both Flora & her husband Ex Do you mean that Flora & Ex were the property of & slaves belonging to Mr Hare 15 Answer I do suppose they were the slaves of Mr Hare untile he gave them their freedom Question by defendant counsel Did you reside in Southwick Massachusetts until you were married? 14 Ans. I resided in Southwick untill I was married and then moved to Northhampton Question by same What was your age at the time of your marriage? 17 Answer twenty one years & a half