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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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Ques. Had Flora any children Ans. She had had children and I believe Scott sold one a boy in Hartford and before she was married for she was not married untill she was free Ques. Can you state the time when Flora went to Southwick. Ans I cannot tell. When she was freed I was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Ques. Did Flora have any children after she was married Ans. I know nothing about it. Ques. Did Scott ever claim Flora as a slave after it was reported he had freed her Ans. Not so I ever knew of Question by Mr Hartwell in behalf of Deft. Did you see Flora frequently when she lived at Mr Scotts Ans. I used to see her often Ques by the Same Was Flora black or moluto Ans She was black I believe Ques. by same What was her heighth Ans. Was about midling size Ques. by same Do you know of your own knowledge that Flora was set free by Scott Ans. I know nothing about it only by report. Her going to Mr. Robbins and going to him with Ex proved it so. Ques. Do you know anything of your own knowledge of Flora being stolen and carried away Ans. I know nothing about it