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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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gelists of Almighty God that the facts which she should depose should be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and afterwards on the same day was carefully examined and deposed as above and after the said deposition had been carefully read to her subscribed the same as her own in our presence. The foregoing deposition is taken at the request of Francis T Anderson Esquire in behalf of the Plff below named and under a commission from the Circuit & Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Rockbridge County in the State of Virginia to be used in a suit depending in said Court wherein Eunis Andrew and other paupers are Plff and Charlton's administrators & others are Deft and said commission is herewith returned. Notice of the time and place of taking said deposition had been duly given to the Defts and the Defts appeared by Samuel E Hartwell Esquire their counsel Saml Ware } Justices of the Peace for the County of Franklin in the State of Massachusetts Pliny Ohms } Rec'd by Defendants Eunice &c. vs Charlton's admr &c. } Deposition for Deft of Sarah Nelson 1845 November 28 returned under Seal with [illegible] enclosed enclosed Eunice &c. vs Charltons adm & others } Depositions of Sarah Nelson 1845 Nov'r 29 returned under seal Defts except to this depo 1st because it had no relation to this issue. There is nothing in this cause to identify the Flora spoken of here with the Flora the ancestress of plffs. 2nd So far as witness gives hearsay in evidence & for want of notice to defts. Defts. atty.