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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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Sarah Nelson at the house of Jeremiah Nelson in the town of Deerfield County of Franklin & State of Massachusetts on the 6th day of November next and the deposition of Sylvester Graham at his own house in the town of Northampton, County of Hampshire & State of Massachusetts on the 8th day of November next, and if for any cause any of the foregoing depositions should not be taken or completed on the day appointed in the foregoing notice the taking of them will be continued from day to day untill they shall all be completed September 20th 1845 Your obdt servts Andrew, Reuben, Cena & Julius & others Andrew Reuben & all vs Charlton, et all &c. } Notice Executed on Matilda Miller on the 15th October William B Charlton on the 21st October and Richard Currin on the 15th October 1845 Hamilton W Shields of John Pepper SMC Unis &c. vs Charlton's admr's &c. } Notice to take Depo of S. Remington &c. I accept the service of the within Notice for my mother Oct 10th 1845. Rhoda Currin By W. S. Currin Dep