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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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I, Sylvester Graham of the town of Northampton, in the county of Hampshire and State of Massachusetts, of lawful age, being cautioned , sworn, and diligently examined on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, do depose & say as follows, in reply to the following interrogations: Question by Mr. Cowles, for Plffs. Was Mr. Graham, the former minister of West Suffield, in Connecticut, your father? Ans. Yes sir. Question by same. Have you in your possession the marriage records kept by your father, while in Suffield? Ans. I have. Quest by same. Do you find in them any record of the marriage of a negro woman by the name of Flora? Ans. I do. Quest by same. Will you state the record as you find it? Ans. April 26th, 1781, Exeter and Flora, negro servants of Mrs. Hare and Mr. Ben Scott. Quest by same. Is this recorded under the head of marriages? Ans. It is. Quest by Mr. Hartwell for Defts. How old are you? Ans. I am fifty one years and four months. Quest by same. How old were you when your father died? Ans. One year and eight months. Quest by same. Do you know this of your own knowledge to be the record of your father? Ans. I do not. Quest by Mr. Cowles for Plffs. Have these records been handed down to you as those of your father, and does the handwriting of them correspond with other writing over his signature? Ans. Yes. Quest by Mr. Hartwell for Defts. Do you know the handwriting of your father of your own knowledge? Ans. I never saw him write. Quest by same. How long since you first saw the record you have here given? Ans. About one year. Quest by same. How long since you first saw the book from which this record is taken? Ans. About five years. Question by Mr. Cowles for Plffs. From whom where they handed down to you? Ans: They came into my hands after the death of my brother Charles in 1840. Quest by same. Were they found among his effects? Ans. Yes. Quest by same. Have you any other manuscripts of your father from which you judge of his handwriting?