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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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Quest by Mr. Washburn for Pffs. Did Mr. Sessions tell you what he wished you to swear to? Ans. I cant recollect anything in particular. Question by same. Had any other person told you what he or she wished you to testify? Ans. Not any. Quest by same. Did you know a negro boy called Ex? Ans Yes Quest by same. Will you state what you know about him? Ans. Well I cant state anything about him - he was put out and brought up in West Springfield - I have seen him often. Quest by Mr. Hartwell for Defts. Had Flora more than one child? Ans. I believe she had three. Quest by same. Were the other two older or younger than the one you have mentioned? Ans. Older. Quest by same. What was their sex? Ans. Boys. Quest by same. How old were they at the time Flora left? Ans. I can't tell - it's nothing but a guess - I cant tell - Quest by same. Well guess then. Ans. Well I should say the oldest might be ten or a dozen years old. Quest by same. How much older should you think Flora than yourself? Ans. I should think she was fifteen years. Quest by same. Was there but one child taken with Flora? Ans. Not but one. Quest by Mr. Taylor one of the Justices. what became of Flora's two oldest children? Ans. I can't say. Quest by Mr. Hartwell for Defts. Was Flora a tall or a short woman? Ans. I can't tell. Quest by same. Was she fleshy or lean? Ans. I can't say.