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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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Quest. by Mr. Hartwell for Defts. Who first informed you that your deposition was wanted to free some slaves in Virginia? Ans. The priest in West Suffield, Mr. Sessions - the second time, Mr. Hemenway. Quest by same. Did he state to you that it was very important that you should give your deposition in this case? Ans. Yes Quest. by same. Did he tell you that your deposition would help free the slaves? Ans. Yes Quest by same. Are you an abolitionist? Ans. No Quest by same. Are you anxious that these slaves should be set free? Ans. Yes. Quest by same. Who have you had conversation with on this subject, besides those mentioned? Ans. Not any body that I know of in particular. Quest by same. Have you not had conversation today before this subject with E. S. Taylor one of the Justices? Ans. No I don't recollect as anything in particular. Quest by same. Do you recollect the color of Flora - if so what was it? Ans. I do not. Quest by same. Was Flora's child a boy or girl? Ans. A girl. Quest by same. How old was it at the time Flora was said to have been taken away? Ans. Well I cannot ascertain. Quest by same. Did you see Flora married to Ex? Ans. No. Quest by same. Were any slaves held by law in Massachusetts at the time Flora lived there? Ans. Not any.