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Phillis: Freedom Suit, Montgomery County (Part 12 of 20)

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married, I suppose they were - they were married it was in warm weather. I should say in the latter part of June - curiosity led me as it does boys - I went down to the wedding - well I went down and looked in, there was a number of negro women and men there - there was music and dancing among them. I looked into the door a minute or two. I left there then and went home - and from that time they lived in the Hase family until Hanchett carried her away - they had one child born in the time - it was carried away with her I suppose - well I should say Hanchett carried her away in October. I don't know but the last of September. Quest by same. What was the appearance of Flora as to complexion and sire? Ans. I can't tell you. Quest by same. How old were you when Flora was carried away? Ans. I was twenty years old. Quest by same. How long after Floras marriage before she was carried away? Ans. Somewhere about fifteen months. Quest by same. Did you often see Exeter after Flora was carried away? Ans. Yes - I see him every day almost. Quest by same. How far from you did he reside? Ans. Short of half a mile - more than a quarter.