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Wood, Judy: Freedom Suit, Middlesex County (Part 2 of 4)

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Commissioners office March 25th 1846 Pursuant to annexed order & notice the same having been duly served on all the parties I attended at my office in Urbanna and was met by Mo D McGill atto. for the plaintiff Lewis B Seward admor of Charles Watts George Saunders admor of John Watts Elliott Gardner admor de bonis non of Nancy Watts & his counsel Ro L Montague. Being notified by Col Geo Wright admor of Rich'd Claybrook of his inability to attend in consequence of sickness by consent of plaintiffs counsel the taking the accts to be rendered by said Geo Wright is continued to the 21 April at this place; George Saunders admor of John Watts produced a copy of an account of John Watts admor on the Estate of Nancy Watts which is filed herewith marked A which had been settled and accorded and no exceptions being taken then to the same is addopted by me with a little variation in this manner of statement & is exhibited on page 5 of this report marked B which shows a balance due the admor of ($59.12) fifty nine dollars and twelve cents principal and ($4.76) four dollars & seventy six Int. the first of Jan'y 1839. Elliott Gardner admor de bonis non of Nancy Watts produced a statement & vouchers of his admor on the Estate of Nancy Watts which I duly audited stated & settled on page 6 of this report marked C which shows a balance due from said amor of ($180.43) one hundred and eighty dollars & forty three cents principal and ($1.41) one dollar and forty on cents Int. the first of April 1844 Lewis B Seward admor of Charles Watts produced an acct of Charles Watts dec'd admor on the Estate of Nancy Watts settled by Com'r of the County Court and duly recorded which is marked D & returned herewith he also produced further vouchers a list of which is filed amounting to fifty six dollars & twenty five cents which list is marked E and filed herewith the plaintiffs counsel claimed that this account should be resettled in a proper manner which is done on pages 7 & 8 of this report marked F and shows a balance due from said Charles Watts Estate to Nancy Watts Estate of ($542.79) five hundred and forty two dollars & seventy nine cents principal and ($67.17) sixty seven dollars & seventeen cents Int the 1st Jany 1845 in consequence of ill health on the part of your comr the acct of Rd Claybrook admor on Nancy Watts Estate was not taken up on the day appointed. On the 6th of August I rec'd some loose papers which were sent me by Col Wright from which I have made up at the request of the plaintiffs counsel two accounts as near in accordance with said papers as possible, in the first on page 3 of this report marked G I have allowed all the payments made by Rich'd Claybrook for Nancy Watts Estate and what was paid to and on acct of the plaintiffs and it shows a balance due from Rich'd Claybrook estate to Nancy Watts Estate on the 22nd Octo: 1833 of (14.39) fourteen dollars & thirty nine cents Int., in the second on page 4 of this report & marked H I have thrown out all payments made to or on acct of the plaintiffs and have only allowed one half the Lawyers fee as the receipts do not show distinctly whether the business was done for the Exor or the plaintiffs Said acct shows a balance due from Rd Claybrooks estate the 22nd Octo 1833 of ($80.66) eighty dollars sixty six cents principal and ($20.19) twenty dollars and nineteen cents Int on page 9 of this report marked I is a statement showing the net hires of Complainants which was rec'd by Ric'd Claybrook showing a balance of ($14.10) fourteen dollars & ten cents due 1st Jany 1833