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Barbara: Freedom Suit, Isle Of Wight County (Part 1 of 4)

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that the said Delk was Counseled by said Warren and expressed himself satisfied with the sums fixed for his interest, in the will of said decedent and was one main cause of his munificence [willed?] Delk and his family, the said Warren having a large Estate most of which was in money & bonds. Your Complts charge that the said Delk duly qualified as Exor of said Warren and thereby elected to Take the Several Sums of money thereby bequeathed in lieu of his interest in your Complts But instead of furnishing your Complts with the evidence of their emancipation he still holds them in Slavery alledging [alleging] that they are not entitled to their freedom, and other pretext equally unjust to your Complts In Tender Consideration whereof and for as much as your Complts are [without?] [illegible] of in the premises Save by the [illegible] of a Court of Equity. They pray that the said Jeremiah Delk Exor of Dawson Warren decd and in his own right may be made parties Deft in this bill, that he be Compelled to answer the Several statements and allegations of the bill on such, and that he answer further and say what other slaves than your Complts did Doct Warren die entitled in whole or in part, and that a Decree may be entered declaring your Complts free, and such other and further relief as Equity permits and their case may require Whitfield & Graves pg