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Jacob: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 1 of 2)

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Court of Halifax in the year 1832, a suit was instituted in the said County Court, among other things for the division of the slaves of the Estate of the said Philip Vass the elder decd. under the residuary clause of his said will. That an interlocutory decree appointing Commissioner for that purpose was accordingly made, and in the division of the said slaves in [hole in page] of the interlocutory decree of the County [Commissioner?] Orators & Oratrices Sam, Meriwether, Patty and Matilda were allotted and assigned to the estate of the said Philip E. Vass decd. and the report of the said Commissioners making the division and allotment of the said slaves was confirmed by an order of the County Court of Halifax made in the cause aforesd. at June Term in the year 1839: all which will more fully and at large appear by a copy of the record of the said suit in the County Court of Halifax. James P. Vass' Exr. & C vs Vass's adm.herewilth exhibited marked E and prayed to be made a part of this bill. Your Orators & [Oratrices] charge that [illegible] there [page torn] of the Estate of the said Philip E. Vass [page torn] by him in his life time, [illegible] of the [page torn] Vass the elder decd. requiring that your [page torn] and Oratrices should be sold for the [page torn] thereof, and that by virtue of the last will and testament of the said Philip E. Vass duly executed in writing for that purpose, they are of [right?] free persons and not slaves. Yet so it is may it please your Honour, that the said Isaac Medley executor of the said Philip E. Vass notwithstanding the premises still retains the possession of your Orators and Oratrices as slaves belonging to the estate of his testator. To the end therefore that the said Isaac Medley may be made defendant to this bill and required to answer the several allegations thereof. That he may be required to suffer your Orators and Oratrices to be registered as free persons, and injoined from longer