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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 6 of 6)

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School at the old church - - that the will gave George Moor the balance of the land. James Brushwood. Says that George Moor went to school at the old church one or two months only - there is no evidence that he went later he was nearly grown when he went - Richd Moor the witness here says that George Moor never could read or write - and so say many of the witnesses - the devise of 30 acres out of the Tract devised to George was evidently made to [illegible] to the advantage of George - twas intended to provide for his schooling and to remunerate John for the money laid out and expended in that behalf as he has spent no money - he can have title to no land. As to the building of the house by John - It appears from all the evidence that John did not occupy the house - tis unnatural to suppose that he would abandon his house & home (he being married) into the hands of a younger - & unmarried bother - The depn of Jno. Collier proves tht Jno. Moor was the admor or Exor of the father - The house doubtless was paid for out of the Estate of the father - for the benefit of George the devisie of the whole tract of land into whose possession John surrendered it - See Frs Collier Depn