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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 6 of 6)

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Ned, James &c. vs Bookers &c. } 1st. The deft. Booker, by virtue of his intermarriage with Elizabeth, the only child of Jno. Moor - claims 30 acres of Land under the will of Richd Moor the father of Jno. & Geo. Joseph Collins Depr. A. This witness, when examined before the Comr for setting up burnt records, under the acct - and whose depn is refered to as part of the ansr in this cause - says - That as well as he now recollects Richd Moor devised to his son John 30 acres Land, to include the dwelling, and to extend down to the fork" - says nothing, about any proviso - and set, he was sworn, I presume, to State the whole truth - The same witness in his depn taken in this cause (B) states that the land was devised, upon the condition of giving George Schooling, but tho' he lived within a quarter of a mile the whole time, does not know that George ever went to school - and in this latter deposition says that the land was to be in the fork - but does not say it was to include the house or to go down to the fork - nor does he recollect any exception of any land at the point of fork - that George died in possession of the whole tract John Bland Junr Says that he was one of the jury - on one of the [Extents?] but was not of the jury of inquest - He is doubtless mistaken - The inquest shews that he was of that Jury - It shews that the will was before that Jury (as Bland states it was before him); and that Jury says that the will excepts 6 acres in the fork of the road - and Bland says Jno. Moor was to have 30 acres in the fork, upon his giving George Schooling. George was nearly grown in 1798 - The inquest shews that Jno. set up no claims until 1811 - and that claim was not prosecuted to a possession - for it appears that he was then & ever after as the evidence shews out of possession (See inquest) & Bland says that George told him he want to