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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 1 of 6)

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Your complainants also apprehend, that in consequence, of this deed that the said Booker will maltreat them, and caused them to be sold, or otherwise illegally disposed of To the end therefore, that justice may be done your complainants and they pray, that the said John Booker and the said the amdr. of said Moore, and the said Frances, Alexander, Josephine, Baylor, Walker & may be made defendants hereto, and compelled (the said infants by their guardian ad litem to be appointed) to answer the various allegations herein set forth that a Trustee may be, appointed, to carry into effect the intentions of the said Moore as expressed in the said Deed & Will, that the land real, & other personal of the said Moore, except your complainants may be sold to pay the debts of the said Moore & if that should not be sufficient, that the hires of your complainants should be applied to that object, that your Honor, will direct the said John Booker to furnish your complainants with the proper evidences of their emancipation, & compell [compel] the said Booker to give bond & security that your complainants be allowed to do what is necessary to enable them to prosecute, their [Deed?], and that they are in no wise maltreated, & finally grant to your complainants such other and further relief as to your Honor, may seem fit and proper

Richard Gains } Counsel for plfs. Jno. B. Christian