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Wiatt: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 1 of 7)

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Ohio or some other of this [illegible] slave holding state and if he has not already done so to comply in other [illegible] with the said order. And if [illegible] said, [illegible] [illegible] Choosy so to do [illegible] of among the [illegible] plaintiffs [illegible] he is a [illegible] to pay over to the but [illegible] the sum of money in his [illegible] of which he would himself have applied to the [illegible] of said order [illegible] [illegible] said [illegible] if the money be so paid to him by the said [illegible]. Shall proceed to [illegible] the said [illegible] in the place of said [illegible] [illegible] money to the said [illegible] [illegible], he [illegible] [illegible] shall have [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] with [illegible]. [illegible] before the clerk of [illegible] Court in the penalty of Ten [illegible] dollars payable to the [illegible] [illegible] of [illegible] & conditioned for the faithful discharge on his part of all the duties enjoined upon said McDearman by the order of the October Term 1859 relating to the removal of the plaintiffs to the State of Ohio or some other non-slave holding State of the Union and if said Defs. shall under the order remove [illegible] [illegible] he is directed to make a report of all his proceedings to the Court