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Wiatt: Chancery Cause, Campbell County (Part 1 of 7)

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To the Hon: Wm Leigh Judge of the Circuit Court of Campbell County Your Petitioner, Wiatt - Catherine - Paulina - John White - Albert - sometimes called Albert Watts - Eveline - France and Sam [these seven being children of Tom and [Patsey?] who are dead] and Fayette - Ariana - Jim - Billy - Martha - Puss and Levy - [illegible] [these seven being children of Catherine above named] and Walker, Mary Ann & Griffen [these three being children of Nancy Walker, who is dead[ and Dick and John & an unnamed infant [these two being children of Eveline France, above named] humbly complaining respectfully show to your Honor - That Jesse Wood on the [blank] day of [blank] in the year [blank] made his last will & Testament, wherein & whereby, he emancipated your Petitioners - who had been his slaves - The said will was duly admitted to record in the County Court of Campbell, and a copy thereof is herewith filed, & prayed to be taken as part hereof, marked A.B. - It will be seen by your Honor, that the emancipation did not take full effect until the death of the Testators widow - Which happened in the year [blank] and that the widow was entitled to hold his estate, until her death - at which time the whole estate was bequeathed to your Petitioners - to be expended in the manner set forth in the will - Your Petitioners after the death of the said Testator's widow, brought their suit in forma pauperis in this Court against Richard Perkins late Sheriff of Campbell and as such admr. with the will annexed of Jesse Wood [deceased?], and by the verdict of a jury and the Judgment of this Court rendered at Octo. Term 1852, were ordered to be free persons. Your Petitioners charge that the said admr. with the will annexed of Jesse Wood, on the [blank] day of [blank] sold certain lands lying in the County to the proceeds of which your Petitioners are entitled - to wit one tract of 340 acres - one tract of 410 acres - one tract of 244 acres and one of 9 acres - and also one house & lot in the town of Lynchburg - the prices at which these lands sold are not known to your Petitioners - but they amount in the aggregate, to a large sum of money to with $ [blank] - all of which is now in the honor or ought to be, in the hands of the dec'd. Perkins as admr. as aforesaid - Beside this, the said admr. has received & is accountable for a large amount of [illegible] of your Petitioners, accrued, while their suit for freedom aforesaid, was pending, to wit $ [blank] Your Petitioners state that it was the intention and wish of their former master, Jesse Wood, that they should be removed from the state of Virginia, to some free state, where they might enjoy their freedom, and his estate as intended to be devoted to this object - But as yet no steps have been taken to carry this purpose into effect - and your Petitioners are