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Sarah: Chancery Cause, Bedford County (Part 1 of 4)

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To the worshipfull the county court of Bedford in Chancery setting sheweth unto your worships, that your complainents Sarah, Samm, Harry, Dinah, Isabel, Peter, Ned, George, Reachel and Mildred who are over the age of twenty one year's and James, Hannah, Washinton, Flanders, Daniel, Caleb, Ann, Pleasant, Braston and Sophia, infents under the age of twenty one years, by Thomas Logwood their Guardian; Your complainents state unto your worships that they were formily slaves of Thomas Haynes Dec'd and that the said Thomas Haynes did in his lifetime make and Publish his Last will and testament and which is of record in this worshipfull court, and that he the said Thomas Haynes did by his said last will and testament emancipate the whole of your complainents, and that he did devise unto them the whole of his estate both real and personal, and which will more fully appear from a reference to the said Will, and a decree of the high court of chancery of the Richmond district. Your complainents further state unto your worships that Wm Gray one of the executors named in the said Will did duly quallify as an executor to the same, and that he the said Gray did as executor aforesaid advertise and sell the whole of the estate of the said Thomas Haynes his lands only excepted and which sail was to a very large amount, and that he the said Wm Gray did collect as executor aforesaid the outstanding debts of the said Thomas Haynes and which were due in the lifetime of the said Thomas Haynes to a large amount aforesaid to settle and pay the money belonging to the estate as aforesaid and which had come to his hands as executor aforesaid to your complainents and that your complainents may [have?] full justice in the premises they pray that your worship will order and decree that the said Wm Gray may full & perfect answer make to all the interrogatory's stated in this Bill and that he shall say whether he did not duly qualify as executor to the last will and testament of the said Thomas Haynes, and whether he did not sell off the estate as above stated and whether he had not taken the whole estate into his possession and on agreement and your complainents further pray that this worshipfull