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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 1 of 3)

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In this cause the verdict of the jury upon the issue heretofore ordered by the court having been returned and the jury having found that there was no contract between the said Stephen West and the said Charles Jackson for the manumission of the children of the said Jackson. It is this 31st day of October 1840 ordered by the court that the bill of the complainants be dismissed. And it appearing to the Court that the complainants on the 10th day of May term 1839 were upon this motion committed to the custody of the Marshal until the Dft. should give bond in the penalty of $2500 to have them forthcoming etc, which bond was never given, It is further ordered that the complainants be by the Marshal delivered up to the Dft. upon his paying the fees of the Marshal for the detention and support of the complainants from the said 10th day of May term 1839 to this time but subject to any claim which the Marshal may have against the Dft. for their previous commitment and support.