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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 1 of 3)

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contract of the said Stephen - But that the said Bill of Sale was made on some secret trust and confidence unknown to these complainants which is apparent from the inadequacy of the consideration compared with the slaves and the property conveyed. Your complainants further charge that when the said Bill of Sale was made - the said Arthur and Benjamin had notice of the claims and rights of your complainants - and if not if the claims and rights as charged that they had full notice of the rights of the said Charles Jackson to the Complts. Hannah & Peggy and such of their children as were then born under a contract with the said Stephen for the purchase of your complainants Hannah & Peggy for whom he had paid in services to the said Stephen, rendered under said Contract which [provision?] was made for the purpose of emancipating your complainants Hannah and Peggy & their children - Your complainants therefore pray that the said Arthur P West in his own right and as administrator of the said Stephen and the said Benjamin Oden may be made defendants - to this their supplemental Bill and that they may be compelled to answer the said Arthur to all the charges herein contained and the said Benjamin to all the charges contained as well in the original as in this supplemental Bill - as fully as if each allegation were repeated and herein repeated and specially interrogated and to that end that a subpoena may be and ordered against them &c.

N. J. Taylor for complts.