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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 1 of 3)

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to be so - And is not your complainant Rebecca the child of the Complainant Hannah, and your other Complainants children of Peggy, and have they not always been so held and reputed to be - And were not the said Complainants children of the complainants Hannah and Peggy born after the expiration of the second term of service of the said Charles - and if not where, and at what periods respectively were they born - Was any deeds of emancipation ever given or made by the said Stephen West to your complainants Hannah and Peggy or to either of them - and if not why were such deeds withheld? By whom were they maintained after the expiration of the second term of service of the said Charles Jackson. Whether any contract or contracts verbal or written between the said Stephen West and the said Charles Jackson in any way relating to the sale or emancipation of the wife or of the children or of either of them, of the said Charles - and if so what were the terms of such contract or contracts - And that the said Arthur and all others acting for him or claiming under him may be injoined [enjoined] from selling or removing your petitioners, and may be decreed to execute, deliver and acknowledge their right to Freedom may be henceforth fully secured and that your Honor may make such further and other decree in the premises as may be most consistent with equity - may it please your Honors to grant your Complainants the United States most gracious writ of Subpoena to the said Charles directed & c - R. J. Taylor for Complt.