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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 1 of 3)

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1830 - Nov. - Bill filed, & als. spa. awarded 1831- May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec, 1832 Jan.Feb. Mar. April } Continued May - T.F. Mason app? for defts. & rule ans. & cont'd. June July Aug.} Continued Sept. Bill taken for [illegible] set for decree. Oct. Term. 17 day. The bill having been heretofore taken for comp &c &c - It is decreed & ordered that the complts. do recover of the adm. of Stephen West their freedom, & the costs of this suit; & that unless he do specifically execute the above order, he produce the complts. here in court, that they may be disch? This decree to be final, unless cause &c by 6 day next term.

1833 - May T.q'day Ans. filed decree made at last term set aside - Gen'l. repl'a. On complt's. motion comm. as to take depo's. to be read in evidence as to A. P. West & leave to file supp'l bill & to make B. Oden party to this suit - which is done accordingly - Order of {illegible} to &c.

Oct. T 16 day - Cont'. ? 1834 May T [illegible] Cont. 1835 [illegible] 1836 May [illegible] Cont. Oct. [illegible] day ans: filed Gen. Rep. Cont. 1837 May T 11 day Cont'd. Oct. T Cont'd. 1838 May Term 8 dy. Aff'd. filed & Cont'd. for [illegible] 1838 Oct. Term 14 day Continued 1839 May Term 10th day on Complts. motion they are committed to the custody of the Marshal until deft give bond in the penalty of $25.00 than there forthcoming & leave to deft to file his supplemental answer relying on the statute of frauds October Term 4 day Sup. and filed & Gen'l. Rep. taken & Com'd and to take deps.