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Eliza: Freedom Suit, Norfolk County

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of Alcey Godfrey, also died many years ago viz in the year [blank] and that your Complainants Mother Lucy, who continued to remain with Elizabeth Bolte till the period of her death lived several year afterwards, in the County of Norfolk not only free, but well known to be so by every one, & particularly by Jesse Bolte named in the will, the grandson of Alcey Godfrey. Your Complainants were born after the death of Elizabeth Bolte, & consequently were born free. Your Complainants farther alledge that they are the sisters of negroes Isac & Laister now suing the said Jesse Bolte in forma pauperis for their freedom in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for Norfolk County. & whom your Honor at the last term of said Court advised to be taken into custody by the Sheriff of the County for the purpose of [obeying?] the result of said suit. Your Complainants farther shew to your Honor, that having never been claimed, or held by the said Jesse Bolte, as his slaves, deemed it unnecessary to conjoin with their Brothers in said suit & that it would moreover have been useless to submit to the Court their rights which had never before been questioned. But now so it is may it please your Honor that the said Jesse Bolte has recently, without any sort of authority, sold your Complainants to one William Hall a resident of Deep Creek in the County of Norfolk, & your Complainants have been seized by him & are still in his possession & custody. They alledge [alleged] that the said Wm. Hall is a Speculator in negroes & they firmly believe that he has purchased them for the purpose of immediate transportation & sale beyond the limits of this State. In tender consideration