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Lucy: Freedom Suit, Petersburg City

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pay her debts: without the sale of your oratrix That your oratrix is willing to accept her freedom on the terms (hard as they may be) prescribed by the Will of her departed Mistress, but the executors of the said Will, seem to be determined to act as regard to your Oratrix in contradiction to the intention of your Mistress, deliberately & solemnly expressed in her Will. All which actings & doings, to your oratrix are oppression, & tend to her injury. In tender consideration whereof & in as much as your oratrix is remediless in the premises, save in a court of Equity "whereas Matters of this Kind are properly cognizable; under whose benign influence, the unfortunate, poor & friendless can alone hope for protection. To the end therefore that your Honor will compel Wm. M. Atkinson & Peter O. Battle, executors of Mrs. Mary L. Parish dec'd: Arch: A Campbell & Frances Epes who are prayed to be made defendants to this Bill to answer the foregoing Allegations fully & truly on their Corporal oaths; that the exors: may state whether they did not receive assets more than sufficient to pay the debts, without a sale of yr: [your] oratrix & that the