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Dicey: Chancery Cause, Halifax County

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to share equally in the profits of my Estate so long as said Eleanor shall live, and at her death, and as the said children arrive at the age of twenty one years that they shall pay over to them an equal sixth part of the same. or if they shall remove them to a free sate, that they shall pay over to them upon the like contingency and the happening of the like event each one sixth part of the whole of my Estate, after allowing Dicey annually a comfortable support until her death Item 5". It is my will and desire that the said trustees shall receive, and control fully for the purpose aforesaid every species of Property real and personal of which I may die seized and possessed Item 6". It is my will and desire that the said Trustees shall as soon as convenient hire out my slave Bartlett, and hold the proceeds for distributions as above named Item 7". It is my will and desire that my two slaves named Lewis shall remain on the place and cultivate the land for the support and comfort of the family Item 8". It is my will and desire, that if my Estate will Justify it that the children of my woman Dicey shall not be hired out but furnished a home and aided with such a sum annually as my trustees shall think reasonable. But if it will not, and it is absolutely necessary to do so, then they must also make them work on the farm or hire them out, in order to carry into effect the object of my will heretofore expressed in reference to Eleanor, and his children and Dicey. Item 9". I hereby nominate and appoint my friends George W Purkins and Nathaniel Watkins, Executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me Given under my hand and seal this 23" day of September in the year of our Lord 1850 signed, sealed, acknowledged and Published in presence of Egbert G Vaughn, Moody Owen, Parham Moon

Craddock Vaughan (seal)

At a court held for Halifax County the 28th day of October 1850 This paper writing purporting to be the last will of Craddock Vaughan dec'd was presented in court by Geo W Purkins & Nath T Watkins the executors therein named for probat whereupon James W Blackwell & Mary his wife & James Green came into court and made themselves parties Defendants to contest the same And at another court held for said County the 23" day of December 1850 This paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Craddock Vaughan Decd. was again presented in court in order to be proved whereupon on hearing the parties by counsel and the testimony of several witnesses upon oath the Court is of opinion that the said Craddock Vaughan decd was of sound disposing mind and memory at the time of the Execution of the writing aforesaid and the subscribing witnesses proved the execution of the said writing according to Law which is ordered to be recorded and Judgment vs defendants for the plaintiffs costs by them about their motion in this behalf expended.

And at another Court held for said County the 22" September 1851 On the motion of George W Purkins one of the Executors named in the Last will and testament of Craddock Vaughan decd who made oath according to Law and with Philip Howerton James Young, and Parham Moon his securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the Penalty of $15,000 Conditioned according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining probat thereof in due form liberty being reserved to the other executors to join in the probat when he shall think fit = the secys having verrified their sufficiency on oath. Teste Wm Holt CHC A Copy Teste Wm S Holt ck

Aug 2th 1852