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Dicey: Chancery Cause, Halifax County

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In the name of God amen. I Craddock Vaughan of the County of Halifax, and the state of Virginia, do make, ordain, and publish my last will, and testament in manner and form following to wit Item 1" I will and desire that my Executor hereinafter named first pay all my Just debts out of any money which may be on hand at my death, and out of the proceeds of such debts as may be due and owing to me Item 2nd I give and bequeath the whole of my estate, both real and personal, in trust to my friends, George W Purkins, and Nathaniel Watkins as trustees for the particular purposes hereinafter expressed, and especially provided Item 3". It is my will and desire that my woman Eleanor and her six children Tansey, Susan, William, America, Sally and Margaret and my woman Dicey be forthwith emancipated and set free and that if the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia will allow them to remain in the state, and receive and enjoy their freedom, that the aforementioned trustees shall see that all legal and proper steps are taken for that purpose but if not - or if after an effort by said trustees to procure an act of the general assembly for that purpose it cannot be effected - then it is my will and desire that my said trustees shall hold manage control, govern, and direct them, as in their Judgement may seem best for their Comfort, interest and happiness, providing them with a home and every thing for their comfortable subsistence which home is to be the place where I reside and all the lands thereto attached, or if the said Eleanor and her children and Dicey wish it, they the said trustees may remove them to a free state and Locate them therein in such manner as their own good Judgement may dictate Item 4". It is my will and desire that if the said Eleanor, and her six children, and Dicey above named shall be permitted to remain in the state of Virginia, and enjoy their freedom that the said Trustees shall permit Eleanor and her children to