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Letter of James Abercromby, 1755 Sept. 5.

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At a Council held Novemr 20th 1755 Present The Governor, John Blair, Philip Grymes, Peter Randolph, Philip Ludwell Esqr., Mr. Commissary, William Byrd Esqr. The Letter from Governor Lawrence was again read, with an account of the number of French neutrals now arrived in Hampton Road "[illegible*6]" was produced by his Honor, who desired the Council maturely to deliberate on this momentous affair, and advise him what measures it would be most prudent for him to pursue - Upon which it was the advice of the Council that his Honor would be pleased to postpone the determination of this affair till some proper persons were sent down to inquire particularly into the number of families these people consisted of, and into their circumstances also to learn "[? if they were willing?] to take "[an oath]" of allegiance to His Majesty without any [res]servation; would conform themselves to the laws of this country, and not transgress the limits assigned them [wi]thout the Governor's Permission. Whereupon it was proposed to Philip Ludwell Esqr and the commissary to visit these French, to make such inquiry, and put such proposals to them; who readily accepted thereof. Copy N. Walthoe Cl. Con.