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Letter of the King, Headmen, and Warriors of the Catawba Indians, 1753 July 26.

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come up with any of them but one Gang of Eight and we killed Four of them and wounded one more and as we have made Brothers with the five Nations and are now One People we hope they will assit [assist] us to get satisfaction as we have given our Pledge to one another to stand by other as long as one of us is alive. we shall wait the return of Mr Morrice and we shall then join our Friends the Cherrokees and go with them to the place appointed with what men we can spare and drive the woods and kill or take all we come across but we must leave some of our people at home to guard the Towns and the women and children. We expect you will send directly to the Five Nations for them to meet us and we will Join and go all together. This is all we have to say til we see the bearer Mr. Morrice return from your Friends & Brothers. King Hagler his X mark Capt. Dick his X mark Capt. his X mark New Commer Capt. his S mark Jemey

the 26 Jully 1753 Matthew Toole, Interpreter