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Proceedings of the Council of State, 1749 Mar. 27.

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Resolved That the Privilege claimed by the House of Burgesses in their Resolve of the 14th of this Instant March is now, unknown to their Predecessors and inconsistent with the Constitution.

Resolved That it is the Right of the Council to keep the Possession of their own Journals, and the demanding their Journals by the messengers of the House of Burgesses as they report to their House the 10th of this Instant March, is a Breach of the Privilege of the Council, And that the Resolve of the House of Burgesses of the 14th also of this Instant March without asking a Conference is injurious to the Council, unparliamentary, and a notorious Infringement of their indubitable Rights. N Walthoe CGA

[vertically] Resolves of the Council in reply to Resolves of the House of Burgesses, asserts a right to examine the Council's Journals. 1749. March 27th

[Note added in pencil later, vertically] Printed in J. of H. of B., 1742-49 pp 401-3.