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Proceedings of the Council of State, 1749 Mar. 27.

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the Legality of their Proceeding, which has been reflected upon with such mistaken Heat, and unparallel'd Severity. The Question is, whether the Burgesses have an undoubted Right to search the Journals of the upper House without their leave. The Council say, that the constant and uninterrupted Practice is the Law of Parliament; that this pretended Right now claim'd by the Burgesses was unknown to any preceding Assembly; that the regular Course to obtain a knowlege of their Proceedings in any matters transacted in their House, is by a message to desire to be inform'd thereof; and insist upon this method being agreeable to the Proceedings of Assembly, well warranted by Precedent; and what the Burgesses could never have doubted of, had they consulted their own Journals. The Council to confirm their assertion; and prevent all future Controversy, have thought proper to exhibit the following Copies of Entries upon their Journals. In their Journal of the 20th of June 1730 there is enter'd "A message" from the House of Burgesses by Mr Kemp and others, "May it please Your Honours, "The House of Burgesses being informed that a Paper was enter'd in your journal on Thursday last by Richard Fitzwilliam Esq. containing several unjust and injurious Reflections and Calumnies upon them and their Proceedings highly derogatory to the Honour of the House, and in open Breech and violation of their undoubted Rights and Privileges, have order'd us to desire your Hons to send them a Copy of that Paper as it is enter'd upon your Journals. "The Council immediately took the message into Consideration; and after Debate thereon, the Question was put, that the Copy of the