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Account of expenses of running the line of the Northern Neck, 1746.

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An Account of the Expences of Runnng the Boundary -- Line of the Northern Neck, paid by the Commissioners -- Paid by Colo. Lomax to Capt H. Downs £57.17.11 Henry Franklyn 6.0.0 Mr. Robert Jackson 17.14.5 Doctr. Thomas Walker 36.15.3 Major And: Cambell 78.0.0 Thomas Jermyn 6.10.0 Richard Yarborroro 4.7.6 Mr. Fielding Lewis 16.3.9 1/2 Mr. Charles Dick 5.0.0 Mr. James Dunn 0.5.9 John Gordon's 1st. Acco. 2.3.5 Mr. George Chapman 2.0.3 David Seal 0.5.9 Mr. Bev. Whitinge 2.5.7 1/2 Colo. William Nelson 2.12.3 Robert Patterson's Wages 3.3.6 for Sundrys in the Jurney 4.0.0 Paid by Colo. Fry for sundrys in the Jurney 4.3.7

Sundry accots. not yet Come in to be Paid Vizt. Major John Champ Capt Richard Toliaferro Capt Oliver [Towler? or Fowler?] Mr. Pat. Mitchell Capt. John [Micou? or Mecon?] Robert Harbin tent Makr Capt Henry Downs

Paid by Colo. Fairfax to Charles [Cothon?] £10.5.7 3/4 Thomas Macky 10.3.0 Richard Reynolds 1st acct. 0.19.6 Richard Vermon [or Verrnon?] 8.5.0 William Crosswight 0.10.5 Mcky and Thornton 2.10.0 Isaac Smith 1.12.6 Philip Longs 1st acct. 10.10.5 Francis [Kertley?] Do.2.3.4 Richard Reynolds 2d Do. Thomas Lookar in Part 2.11.9 Elswick 0.3.6 Philip Long 0.13.3 For an Express Mr. Robt. Jackson 19.17.8 Colo. Beverley 70.3.11 1/2 Cash sent Do. 95.4.-

Paid by Wm. Beverley to Richard Stranghan express to Colo. Carter 0.10.10 Richard Cronk 1.1.8 Peter Snider 2.18.6 Scott 00.10.10 the Smith 0.5.9 MIchel [Emesthams? or Ernesthans?] 4.5.10 Capt. Cockburn Daniel Marley 0.17.3 Capt. [Dobikin? or Dobihen?] 0.16.[6?] for sundry small matters 1.15.9 1/2 Francis Kertley 2d. acco. 7.10.1 1/2 Henry Rice 0.4.8 Jno Gordon 2d. acco. 3.14.3 1/2 the Barber 0.2.0 Pat. Barclay Gent 22.0.0 Thomas Lookar in Part 0.10.6 To paid for sail needles 0.3.0 for 12 horse bells 3.0.-