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List of goods brought from Capt. Henry Downe, 1746 Nov. 16.

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Memorand.m of Goods Lost Horses 1 lost Sept.r 18:th 1 Do. on Shennendoah [Shenandoah] 3 Strayed away Nov.r ye. 4:th 1 Sold to John Maggorit 14 now present [total] 20

Rundlets 2 Sent from ye. head of Rap:a [Rappahannock] 2 left at Phillip Longs 2 Sold on ye. N: fork Shennendoah 4 Given to Capt. Dobins - Pilot 2 left Empty on ye. S. Branch the Liquor Expended 3 Given to Coburn 1 left on Looneys run 1 At Allegany ridge 2 Given to John Rain Pilot 3 Given to Daniel Richardson Pilot 3 Given to Thomas Loakin 3 now in the Baggage [total] 28

Baggs the Provision Expended

Axes 1 lost on Shennendoah 1 Do. Oct.r ye. 15:th 4 present [total] 6

Tomahawks 1 lost 1 John Maggorit carried away 1 given to Loakin 3 present [total] 6

Kettles 1 left at Capt. Dobinses 3 present [total] 4

Black Jacks 2 lost 4 present [total] 6

1 pint tinn measure lost 1 Branding Iron lost the Other Goods are here Excepting what is worn Out Rappahanock River Near Colo. Beaverleys Quarter Nov.r ye. 16:th 1746

pr. James Ginn