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List of goods brought from Capt. Henry Downe, 1746 Nov. 16.

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Goods brought from Capt. Downses on the Survey To 20 horses To 23 Rundlets of Rum To 5 Do. [ditto] of Wine To 24 baggs of Bread & Meat To 3 narrow Axes To 3 broad Do. To 6 Hatchets To 4 Brass Kettles To 10 tinn Buckets To 6 Black Jacks To 1 tinn pint measure To 1 Box of Chocolate To 1 Cannester of Wafers To 3 Do. of Tobacco To 2 Balls of Twine To 3 [Sain?] Needles To 1 Bottle of ye. Spirit of Turpentine To 1 paper of pepper To 3 papers of nails To 5 [Tents?] To 10 loaves of sugar To 1 Cask of Gun Powder 25 lb To 1 Copper pottle pot To 2 frying pans To 25 lb Drop Shott To 25 lb Do. of mould To 50 lb of Barr Lead To 10 [or 18?] pack saddles fixed To 1 Candle box of Candles To 1 Do. of Pipes To 1 Dozen white Cups To 23 Bed cords To 3 1/2 knots of Drum line To 1 Marking Iron To 7 lb of [sope?] To 1 Dozen Awls To 1/2 lb shoe thread To 2 Stone Chissels

Men Enter'd to go on the Survey when Enlisted James Genn John Anthony September ye. 10th George Gent Richard Hodges Thomas Howel John Jordan x Stephen Goldberry James Loyde George Loyde Sept:r 15th x John Thomas John Hughs William Rhodes John Noel James Campbell William Offil x Stephen Goldberry x John Thomas Returned Sept:r ye. 19th x Robert Patterson William Crosthwait enterd Sept: 1[8?]:th x Patterson Discharged Oct.r [8?]:th William Barbey Thomas Coleman Enterd Sept:r 20th Mark Stowers William Pearson Sept 22d Both Discharged Sept 29th John [Maggorit?] enterd Sept.r 29th came in Service ye 1st of Oct:r Phillip Yeocum Frederick Yeocum Oct:r ye. 10th