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Account of Henry Downe, 1746 Sept. 23.

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Cash paid to Sundry Persons, for the use of his Majesty's and Lord Fairfax's Commis:rs Viz v To Charles Colson at Fredericksburg ...... £10 " 5s " 7 3/4d v To Thomas Mackie for Sundry Sadlers [war:?] 10 .. 3.. -- v To Richard Reynolds in the Wilderness -- .. 19. 6 Fx v To Richard Vernon for Cartage 8.. 5.. -- v To Wm. Crosthwait --..10..5 v To Messrs. Macky & Thornton, for 20 lb Chocolate 2..10..-- Sept. 25th v To Isack Smith for Sundry Provitions 1..12..6 Sept:r 29th v To Phillip Long pr Accot: 10..10..5 [Total] £44..17..5 3/4

x To Wm: Crosthwait for George [Gond?] for taking up his Horse advance'd x Fox Smith. v To Majr Champe 35:13: -- v Mr Jas. Genn 12:18:1 v Ben [Hilltrap?] 1:12:-- v Cash sent by Mr R. Jackson 95:4:-- v Mr Nath Chapman Axes &c v Pd Colo Beverley in Accot De. 70:3:[11?] Mr Robt Jackson 19:17:8 1/2

44.17.5 3/4 35.13. 12.18.1 1.12.- 95.4.- 19.17.8 1/2 70.3.11 1/2 [total] 280.6.2 3/4

1746 Sept 23d