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Bond of William Aylett, 1732 Apr. 11.

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Know all men by these [page torn] Aylett of [page torn] of St. John in the county of King Wm. am held and firmly bound to the [illegible] Wm. Gooch Governr. and Comander in Chief of this Colony and Dominion of Virginia and to the Governr. and Comander in Chief of the sd. Colony and Dominion for the time being in the penal sum of one hundred pounds Current money of the said Colony to the payment whereof well and truely to be made to the said Gooch Governr. as aforesd. or to the Governr. or Comandr. in Chiefe of the said Colony for the time being I bind my selfe my heirs Exrs. and admrs. firmly by these presents witness my hand and seale the Eleventh day of Aprill Annoq Dom MDCCXXXii The Condition of the above Obligation is such that whereas the Commissioners appointed to Consider and Direct what ware houses should be Erected and built for the Reception of Tobacco in King Wm. County pursuant to an Act of the last session of Assembly Entituled an Act for amending ye. Staple of Tobacco and for preventing ffrauds in his Majties. Customes upon application of the Inspectrs. appointed and Commissionated for Ayletts warehouses for the adition of another house for the reception of Tobacco at that Inspection and for one house fourty foot long and twenty foot wide to be floored with two [time?] plank and a sixteen foot squaire house for them the said Inspectrs. to live in the houses afore Directed being all ready being well stoed and quite full the said Commissionrs haveing Considered that what [need?] [for?] by the said Inspectrs. is absolutely necessary Doe therefore Direct That there be Imediately built at the said Ayletts Inspection one more house fourty foot long and twenty foot wide to be weatherboarded and Double Covered with Clap boardes two five foot Doores on each side the said House and every way strong and substantially built according to the comon way of building Tobacco houses with posts in the ground and to have one fourty foot house allready built where the prises are fixt laid with two [ime?] pine plank and a sixtee[n] foot square house with posts in the ground for the Inspectrs. to live in and the said Wm Aylett haveing undertaken the said worke and buildings and to performe the same forth with for and in Consideration of the aditional Rent of twelve pound pr annum If there fore the said Aylett doth Immediately sett workemen about the sd. buildings and work and Continue thereat without [illegible] untill it be Complea[t]ly finished according to his undertaking then the above obligation to be void otherwise to stand remain and be in full force power and virtue. Wm Aylett Sealed and Delivered In the prsence of Leonard Claiborne Corns. Lyde Will: Cradock