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"The Saipan Daily Target", Vol. III, No. 90, December 2, 1945.

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2 Dec 1945 The Daily TARGET Page Three

As usual, Army's coach, Earl Blaik, is worried. Never a man to count his chicken, even after they are hatched, Blaik is fretting because his charges refuse to become frustrated over the possibility of a Navy upset in their clash today. "They're overconfident," the West Point mentor mourns. "Navy has a great club and I don't want my boys to be knocked off because they failed to realize what they're up against." Just what are they up against, Col Blaik, sir? A team that eked out a 6-6 tie with an Irish outfit which was murdered 48-0 the following week by your fearless Cadets; an eleven that barely salvaged a 14-7 win over Penn, a squad which in turn was squashed 61-0 by your strutting West Pointers. Even Michigan's Wolverines, shellacked 33-7 by Navy, as compared to a 28-7 defeat at the hands of the Cadets, have voiced the opinions that Army's pulverizing powerhouse is four TD's better than the Annapolis gang. And another thing, Colonel, in Cadets Blanchard and Davis you have two of the most assuring reasons in West Point history why Army will not slump against the Middies. Backs averaging some nine yards per play throughout a full season don't come a dime a dozen. And though defense has been Navy's long suit, Coach Hagberg's boys have come up against nothing like this dynamic duo. From our distant seat we can't see anything but Army by five touchdowns. In other games we choose: NOTRE DAME over Great Lakes- Irish always end with a bang. ALABAMA over Miss St--Bull- dogs could cause trouble. So will Gilmer. GEORGIA over Georgia tech- traditional rivalry here. toughest kind to pick. Just cut the cards and it came out Trippi. ISU over Tulane--Green Wave sick dribble after this one. AUBURN over Miami--Tigers big league even if few wins. SMU over TCU--Mustangs romped last week; should repeat. RICE over Baylor--Owls crossed us last week; might atone. SOUTHERN CAL over UCLA-- Bitter cross-town rivals, but Troy always comes out on top. OREGON ST over Oregon-- Another one for which we had to call in Abe to help us out. And with that we clamp the lid shut on the regular 1945 football season. There'll be a galaxy of Bowl clashes still to come, so you bladder baiters stick around-- 'till your ship comes in anyway.

MARIANAS UNIVERSITY OFFERS NEW COURSES STARTING TOMORROW, TUESDAY Beginning a new five-week period Marianas University offers twenty-three new courses, part of them having their first classes scheduled tomorrow night, the others opening on Tuesday. Classes listed to begin tomorrow are these ('HS' meaning high school level, 'C' college and 'G' general): Business Math (HS); Business Operation (G); Calculus (C); Photography (G); Slide Rule & Logarithms (HS, C); Advanced typing (HS). these classes star at 1830. At 2000 tomorrow the following classes begin: Organic Chemistry (C); Beginning typing (HS). Tuesday'c classes starting at 1830 are: American Government (HS); Aviation Mechanics (G); Business Law (HS); Chemistry (C); Economics (HS); Farm Management (G); Mechanical Drawing (HS, C). Classes scheduled for 2000 Tuesday are: Basic Math (G); Journalism (HS); Literacy (G); Mechanical Drawing (HS, C); Beginning Typing (HS).

CHEMIST CLAIMS U S HEADS ATOM RACE Washington, 1 Dec (ANS) -- Harold C Urey, famed Chicago University chemist, told the Senate atomic bomb committee that the U S, by making and storing bombs, is guilty of starting an atomic weapon race.

STAGE SHOWS DEAR RUTH . . . . Fourragere--1900

[Comic strip] Terry As they say in the Hollywood War Pictures, Friend Terry, 'I Guess This is it!'... Take Care Hotshot! He Shouldn't be Doing it, but I love it! Sergeant! Get the numbers on the airplane that just buzzed the field! Can't sir, mud over the identifying marks!

[Comic strip #2] Blondie Aw gree you never let me do anything! Stop acting like a baby!

Please, Pop, please!? Stop it!

Okay...if you're going to act like a baby we'll dress you like one!

Look, Baby Dumpling is back!

[Comic Strip #3] His personality is a little overpowering!