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"The Saipan Daily Target", Vol. III, No. 90, December 2, 1945.

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Page two The Daily TARGET 2 Dec 1945

Published at Saipan by I&E Section Western Pacific Base Command S/Sgt Norman Clark . . Man'g Editor T-4 Bob Sarni . . . . . . . Sports T-5 Bill Tara . . . Feature Editor T-4 Aaron Adams T-5 Robert Walton T-5 B W Johnson . . . Reproduction Pfc Ernest H Johnson . . . Delivery Lt Roger Johnson--Officer in Charge. The TARGET receives ANS, CNS and AP news services. Reproduction prohibited without permission. Any letters addressed to the Daily TARGET must be signed and carry a full return address. TELEPHONE . . . . . . . . WALNUT 320.

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REMNANTS OF JAPANESE FORCES ON SAIPAN AS THEY SURRENDERED YESTERDAY Here, graphically, is the surrender yesterday of the remnants of holdout Japanese on Saipan -- 90 days after V-J Day and 16 months after the battle ended here. At top, the Japanese 'garrison' lines up for formal surrender. At right, Capt Oba, commander, bows over his sword to Lt Col Howard G Kurgis, USMC, 18 AAA CO, who accepted surrender. Lower left, the Japs lay down their arms. And lower right is a closeup of Capt Oba. SEVEN JAPANESE CIVILIANS GIVE UP Seven Japanese civilians, four women and three men, surrendered to American authorities Friday as part of the final ceremony whereby enemy forces became PWs. All of the civilians except for one woman surrendered on Kagman Point, the other woman gave up to Marines behind the 2806th Engineer area. The civilians brought out a truckload of gear, all covered with U S ponchos, then went back into the hills to take a bath and return in clean Japanese clothes. Two of the women were young, the other two old. One woman walked with a permanent stoop, the result of carrying heavy loads on her shoulders, military authorities said. FINAL SURRENDER FAR FROM SECRET Despite efforts by Naval officials to keep pre-surrender details secret from servicemen on Saipan, the ceremony was well attended. Over 600 GIs from nearby units got closeup views, and unofficial cameramen were in action long before the official party arrived. One sailor, given a ride by a TARGET representative, said he has heard a Japanese general and 100 men were going to surrender yesterday.