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"The Saipan Daily Target", Vol. III, No. 90, December 2, 1945.

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The Saipan Daily Target Vol III No 90 "All The News We Can Fit To Print" Sunday, 2 Dec 1945 Capt Oba surrenders diehard Saipan Jap'Garrison' of two officers, 45 men; about ten still at large GMC asks strikers resume parts making for other auto plants Detroit, 2 Dec (ANS)- General Motors Corporation proposed to CIO Automobile Workers Union yesterday that work in the company's parts and accessories division be resumed for the benefit of other automobile manufacturers. GM president Charles Wilson said the proposal was made with the thought of restoring the flow of auto parts and accessories from Gm factories to other reconverting plants in the auto industry. Hess admits sanity, brags about fooling lawyers, psychiatrists Nuernburg, Germany, 2 Dec (ANS) -- Rudolf Hess finally admitted yesterday that he has been shamming the loss of his memory. he said he is ready to stand trial but challenges the right of the international military tribunal to try him. Hess's assertion that he had fooled both his own lawyer and Allied psychiatrists came after German Maj Gen Lahousen put the finger of the number of top ranking German officers who had plotted mass murders and assassinations. He names Field Marshal Keitel as one of them. Maine vets leaving Japan for home. Sasebo, japan, 2 Dec (ANS) -- Veterans of Iwo, Saipan and Tinian invasions are going home at last in the largest single transfer of men in Marie Corps history. 17,000 men are processing here on the Japanese home island of Kyushu and after screening some 11,000 marine will be ready for the trip home with the Fifth Marine Division. By Bob Sarni. Captain Sakae Oba, commander of remaining belligerent Japanese forces on Saipan, formally surrendered his complement of one officer and 45 men yesterday morning to Lt Col Howard G Kurgis, commanding officer of 18th AAA Marines. the Jap captain marched his men from the high, shrouded hills overlooking the 2806th Engineer area to a small parking lot just behind the Stateside theatre where the brief ceremonies were effected. Oba's well disciplined, perspiring troops remained passive and unmoved at 'present arms' while their captain and his second in command, Lt Tanaka, yielded symbolic swords to the Marine commander. It was only after discarded weapons had been checked and removed by armed guards that the Nipponese troops showed signs of life. The Japanese seemed to be in good condition physically. Dressed in assorted uniforms of the Japa- (Continued on Page 4) Yamashita says he was too busy with U S troops to know of atrocities. Manilla, 2 Dec (ANS) -- Japanese General Yamashita told an American military tribunal yesterday he was too busy trying to fight off Americans after the Leyte landing to pay attention to the other matters. As a result, he said, he knew nothing of the massacre of 60,000 Filipinos and others in the following seven months. Yamashita said that following landings of Americans, he was completely out of touch with the situation, that he did not even know his subordinates and that he put all his efforts into trying to better his troops' discipline, even in combat. Scientist says Russia can produce atomic bomb in three years. Washington, 2 Dec (ANS) -- Doctor Irving Langmuir, famed Nobel prize scientist, was Friday's chief witness before the Senate committee studying control of the atomic bomb. He estimated Russia can produce its first atom bomb in three years and in ten years might outstrip U S production. Langmuir said that in time the world will be driven into an agreement to outlaw the atomic bomb or else the world will be about over. He declared that to speed such an agreement the U S might sensibly offer to drop all our atomic bombs into the sea. Some Senators objected to this unless absolute agreements with other nations already had been reached. Langmuir then asked how the U S is going to agree with other nations unless she first puts herself on an equality with the other nations. S F ship still set for walkout designed to hustle demobilization. San Francisco, 2 Dec (ANS) -- Maritime and longshoremen's unions said yesterday they are still set to stage a 24-hour walkout tomorrow as a demonstration protesting what they called diversion of government owned ships to commercial use instead of converting them into troop transports. The San Francisco Waterfront Employers' Association asked the unions to meet with it in an effort to avert the walkout. West coast labor leader Harry Bridges immediately retorted this showed employers were more interested in profits then in getting servicemen home.