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Letter of the Council of State, 1726 Apr. 20.

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[Apr 20, 1726] To Mr. Leheup Sr Herewith you will receive a case stated between the Kings attorney for & on behalf of [illegible] the agent of the [Proprietors?] of the Northern neck concerning their pretentions to the fines & forfeitures, deodand & goods of felons within that territory by virtue of two charters granted by King Charles ye 2d and King James the 2d copys of which are here inclosed. I need not repeat to you the occasion of this dispute (whch is but of few years standing) since it is fully related in the case: but as it more particularly concerns the revenue, I desire you will communicate it to Mr. Audr Walpoles and [illegible] his advice to proceed in the determination thereof with as much speed as possible The whole matter being submitted to the attorney & solicitor genl their opinion. It will also be fitt to communicate this matter to the Board of trades and if it be necessary that Council should attend on the Kings behalf, I hope their Lordsps will direct their counsel for that service I have advised their Lordsps that you will attend them with the case. wch I desire you will do, and

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