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Suit of Cuthbert Hubbard, 1725 Apr. 1.

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[illegible] of what I do [page torn] [1 line illegible] 1 [negro?] [named?] [Moll?] 1 negro fellow [named?] [Will?] [illegible] negro wenches named G[page torn] ye [other?] about 14 years [page torn] [Mullato?] named Robin [page torn] Do. named James aged abo[page torn] abut 30 head of Cattle you[page torn] about 30 head of Sheep youn[g] and old [page torn] feather beds and [illegible] [page torn] [a]bout 20 [illegible] [page torn] [a]bout 10 pounds worth [illegible] [page torn] horse or 2 [ho]usehold goods of sundry sort to the Vall[ue] of 6 [page torn] [illegible] [being?] valued and cast up by ye [page torn] [illegible]0 208 [page torn]

Copia Test T. Gough Cl Cur

The Exceptions of Cuthbert Hubbard Plt to the plea & [page torn] of John Wills Deft.

The Plt [plaintiff] doth Except to the said Plea for that the said Deft doth [plead?] the supposed Interest of one Matthew Jones who is no party to the Plts bill wherefore in that the said Plea is frivilous trifling & [contains?] Matter forreign to this suit the Plt prays the same May not be [received?].--

2.dly The Plt doth Except to the answer of the Defts for that he hath only set forth the Estate of Emanuel Wills came to the hands of the deced Eliz.a Wills but hath not answered and set forth the increase of the Slaves and Stocks of Cattle since the death of the said Emanuel

3.d The answer is insufficient for not seting forth what Credits Sums of mony or Tobacco were due to the s.d Emanuel at the time of his death have been received since by his widow--