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Suit of Cuthbert Hubbard, 1725 Apr. 1.

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[page torn] of John Wills Executor of the [page torn] of Elizabeth Wills deced [deceased] and one [page torn] of Complt Exhibited by Cuthbert [page torn] and singular the goods Chattels righ[ts] [page torn] Hubbard deced Complainant ag[ainst] [page torn] [W]ills Executor of the last will & [page torn] deced defts [defendants].

[page torn] Legacy in the said bill mention[illegible] [page torn] said Agatha Elizabeth and Martha doth plead [page torn] for plea hath that the said Martha had issue [page torn] her son lawfully begotten which said Matt[hew?] [page torn] as the Def[en]d.t is advised is entitled to one Mo[page torn] mentioned Legacy and this the Deft is ready to prov[page torn] shall [award?] and prays Judgment if he as to the said [page torn] [Campell? / Camp all?] able to make other or further [illegible] [swor?] the Def't saith that he believes the [illegible] [page torn] such will and devise his personal Estate in such ma[page torn] said bill is [set?] forth and that [the?] said Elizabeth did [page torn] the said Agatha and Martha [page torn] that the [Schedule?] [page torn] to annext contains an account of the personal Estate [page torn] said Emanuel as far as hath come to this Defts knowledge and the said Emanuel at the time of his death was considerabl[y] indebted and the said Elizabeth contracted diverse debts in her [widowhood?] which were unpaid at the time of her death accompts of both their debts this Deft as soon as can be made up will Exhibit into this Court and prays that it may when Ex[hibited?] be made part of his answer without that [&?] and prays to be from [hence?] dismist with his costs in this part wrongfully sustained &

[S]worn in Court the 1:st of April 1725 W Hopkins

R Gough Cl Cur [Clerk of Court] Copia Test R Gough Cl Cur