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Letter from George Ruebush to Unidentified Individual.

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Febu 27 1860

Dear ser [sir] I thought best to right [write] you a few lines conserning [concerning] that land long there are several men promise to take the bond up for me and say so you and thay [they] was to let me know yesterday but [port?] me ten or twelve day of longer I think thay [they] think to git [get] me in at still titer [tighter] plase [place] yet I have got a bargon [bargain] in the land and I want to hold on one year longer I don't owe by $500 much I did down yonder and maybe five dollrs [dollars] to one down yonder moren [more than] I will tell you what I will dou. If you lift that bond I will give you ten percent and I will raise $100 or 10.25 till the last of march in money and in god papor the balance abov [above] the persent I won't credit one the [Laggy?] bonds and I will give you a trust one my fall and spring crop and if I don't raise three hundred dollars gin the last of next October I say sel [sell] the land if you pleas [please] I will have nothing to say a gants it I wold [would] be glad if you wold [would] right [write] to John Puton about it he will give you the hole [whole] truth about it its know interest to him but to tell you the truth he rote [wrote] the artickel [article?] and dead [deed?] and trust dead [deed?] he of corst [corse] know all about it if you will help me out of this crape [crap] I will never forget you gist to let the peopel that I have frend [friend] wher [where] I come from and thay [they] have money. Nothing more at present

George Ruebush