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Letter from Jacob Mohler to John Newton.

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Massanutten P. O Page Co Va 3rd Jan 1855

Mr Newton Dr [Dear] Sir I had time only, yesterday to acknowledge the receipt of your letter. I now seat myself for the purpose of proposing a few questions and suggestions. Does the 900 dollars for the interest in the negroes include the hire up to the sale which you made to Pilson a few days ago? Does it include the interest in the negro in the west if there should be one there belonging to the estate? If not you will please be careful in any instrument of writing that you may enter into, or recipt [receipt] that you may give, that you have an eye to that fact. If there is any propperty in the west I suppose it will devolve upon the executors to report it here. You say Pilson told you he would pay in the money as fast as he could collect it, and that he had paid in recently $2000 Will paying it in abate the interest? If so is the money accessible? It seems to me if the money is paid in at his leisure for the purpose of avoiding the interest; that we aught to be able to use it. I should like to know what missunderstanding [sic] of the order refering [sic] the account to the commissioner prevents a report at the adjourned session of the Court. If your agreement with Pilson for the sale of the life interest is not in black and white, it may be, from what you wrote, he may desire to back out. If he should, he will not gain anything by it in the end, tho I prefer a complyance [compliance] with the sale which you have made, and should dislike for him to baffle us